Learning Circle for Schools

Who we help

Teachers & Counselors

Get meaningful insights from school and community sources to improve student success quickly and easily.


Facilitate teacher success and make informed decisions regarding future program goals and investments.


Implement hassle-free, secure software that meets compliance standards, helps educators, and is fully-supported.

Learning Circle for Teachers & Counselors

Everyday teachers and counselors balance helping students and following state and federal education guidelines. We know you have limited time to devote to anything else. That’s why we’ve made it super simple to learn and use Learning Circle to improve student success.

Collaborate with Community Partners for Student Success

With Learning Circle not only do you get attendance, behavior, and core academic information. You also get insights on what community and school programs students are attending and how they’re performing.


Gain Actionable Insight from Student Data

Have informed conversations with parents and families about their children’s needs and promise for the future.

Real-Life Situation

Improve Attendance

A middle-school counselor working to improve overall attendance used Learning Circle to identify students with poor attendance and encouraged these students to attend high-activity community programs.

Why? Because Learning Circle’s shared data with community partners showed that students attending these programs were significantly more likely to attend school on the days they also attended these high-activity programs. Through this effort, overall attendance improved at the school.

Learning Circle for Administrators

Administrators work hard to ensure their school, teachers and students are successful.

With Learning Circle administrators can easily analyze early warning indicators at any desired level: student, classroom, school, district, and community programs. This data helps administrators create informed future program goals and investments.


Facilitate School Success

Identify school and community resources that will best support student improvement.

Enhance Collaboration Between Schools & Community

Learning Circle assimilates student data into one dashboard view so administrators teachers, counselors, social workers and community-based partners can work together to help students succeed.

Design Success Paths Around the Needs of Students

Identify school and community resources that will best support student improvement and leverage data to support continuous improvement practices within the school, district, and community.

An administrator wanted to ensure all populations of students in the district were being equally served.

By using Learning Circle’s custom filters, the administrator was able to disaggregate student performance information by different grade levels, races, 504 and IEP plans, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), whether or not the student was new to the district, and more.

The administrator was then able to create reports to determine any academic gaps compared to overall student population. The administrator then ensured that any students at risk were receiving support from community partners.


Real-Life Situation

Ensure No Student is Overlooked

Learning Circle for Technologists

Providing secure, stable, easy-to-use software to educators is not just your goal, it’s also ours.

Hassle-Free Implementation

Learning Circle is a cloud-based system running independently of your network.


Support & Training Included

Learning Circle adds no additional strain to you or your staff. Our team trains all end-users and provides software support.

Secure System

Learning Circle is secure and FERPA compliant.