About Learning Circle

Learning Circle supports educators and community-based organizations by integrating academic data into an understandable dashboard to ensure that the RIGHT student is receiving the RIGHT service at the RIGHT time.

Learning Circle works to maximize collaboration between schools and community-based organizations by sharing early warning indicators (EWI) between the two entities.

EWIs are developed by integrating student performance data, specifically Attendance, Behavior and Core Academics, also known as the ABCs.

EWIs are used to identify students at risk and in need of intervention as well as highlight students who would benefit from acceleration in the classroom and the community.


Learning Circle provides critical information on both student school performance and programs and interventions students receive from out-of-school providers.


Learning Circle helps community organizations understand the needs of the students they serve  to provide coordinated and quality services to promote improved student outcomes.

Our Values

We Believe That All Children Deserve a Quality Education.

We believe in Collaboration.

We work to connect communities and schools to create a sustainable system of support for all children.

We believe in outcomes.

We believe in ensuring that children who need help are recognized and provided with a support system.

We believe time is of the essence.

We exist to ensure children who need support receive it in a timely fashion.

We believe in Student Privacy.

Protecting personal student information is at the core of everything we do.