Learning Circle Success Story
The Asheville Buncombe Middle Grades Network


United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County (UWABC) was challenged by United Way Worldwide
to better serve the middle school students in their district. To accomplish this task an early warning
system would need to be designed for local school systems and community partners to work

The goal was to quickly identify at-risk students and supply them with the right intervention at the
right time. The solution also needed to meet two key conditions:

  1. Abide by FERPA to ensure student educational records are protected
  2. Transform data generated by schools into actionable information for educators

The solution must help users save time, not waste it. As a non-profit, it is important to coordinate
efforts within the classrooms and demonstrate results.


During a 6-month period of reviewing 15 diverse solutions, three lead organizations (ACS, BCS,
UWABC) ultimately partnered with Learning Circle to assist them in reaching their goals.

Multiple applications are great at delivering niche features but lack the capability to connect school
systems to community partners. This is what makes Learning Circle the perfect solution.

Today, in partnership with the leadership of United Way, Learning Circle impacts more than 5,200
students in nine middle grade schools and two districts while collaborating with 12 community

With Learning Circle, communication between schools, family members, and community partners is
seamless. Real-time data is shared between the schools and community partners so that each
student is always supported.


  • Teachers, counselors, and family members can quickly provide students the assistance they need
  • Schools and community-based partners can leverage FERPA compliant tools
  • Community partners have access to reports, which display their success with student participation