Our Privacy Commitment

We will only ever use private student information for the purpose of providing you the solution you’ve signed up for.

What we mean when we say privacy is in our DNA


We Do Not Sell or Share to Unauthorized Third-Parties

Unless you’ve expressly authorized a third-party to have access to the Learning Circle, we never share or sell private student information to third-parties.


We Are Fully Compliant

We follow and meet all required privacy laws including, but not limited to, FERPA and SOPIPA.


We Do Not Advertise to Students

We will never use private student information to directly advertise to students.


We Don't Unnecessarily Store Private Data

Private student data is only retained for the purpose of providing our Learning Circle solution to you. Once this data is no longer needed (including whenever we’re asked) we delete private information from our records.

“At Learning Circle, there is nothing more important to us than protecting private student data.”

Ken Tietz – President, Software Products