Identify risks and growth opportunities for children early and connect them with school or community programs.


Manage the intervention and communication process between school staff and program partners for each child.


Measure overall impact for educators and community leaders to inform future program goals and investments.

Student Privacy is in our DNA

Student privacy is at our core. It is interwoven into both our software and the Learning Circle organization.

Learning Circle is Designed Around Research-Based Education Strategies & Programs

Early Warning Indicator System
Collective Impact Model
Response to Intervention
Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

What Our Partners Say About Learning Circle

Learning Circle is the primary data instrument used in biweekly meetings with administrators, student support staff, mental health staff, school nurse, and law enforcement. The process is streamlined and highly efficient.
Eric Reaves

Social Worker, Erwin Middle School

Using Learning Circle makes it much faster to target concerns and make adjustments. Teachers and staff are more connected to students and creative in their interventions and strategies.
Jody Montrie

Social Counselor, Enka Intermediate School

I use the dashboard to identify students easier and make sure that we have effective programs and interventions for them to help eliminate any kid from falling between the cracks.
Steve Molinari

Assistant Principal, Enka Middle School


Learning Circle provides critical information on student school performance as well as programs and interventions received from out-of-school providers.


Learning Circle aligns in-school and out-of-school data to help community agencies individualize their programs to better meet student needs.